Abalone Game

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Abalone is a two player strategy game of planning and force. You can move up to three pieces together, with a goal to maneuver near your opponent's pieces and push them off the board. If your in-line pieces outnumber your opponent's (say, you have three and they have only two), you can perform a "Sumito" wherein you literally shove one of your opponent's pieces over a space. Do it enough times and you can push one of their marbles off the board for good. Shove six pieces off, and you win! French origin 1987.This is a particularly high quality version of the game with a beautiful hardwood base and large ceramic playing pieces.

Dimensions: 12" x 10.5" x 1 "
Difficulty level: Game
Players: 2

Age 10+
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Theme Strategy/Logic Games
Product Type Game
Item Number 46902

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