Amazing Insight - 99 Mind Reading Cards

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This is quite an amazing item that will predict any number between 1 and 99. It will remind you of a simple analog computer in its workings. There are 8 cards each measuring about 3.2" x 3.8" x 1/8" thick. The cards have a different series of numbers and different windows cut into each card. Select a number, or have someone select a number, and the card will very quickly and easily predict the number. No math is used during this process. Unique to Creative Crafthouse, based on a 1904 set of mind reader cards which likely have not been reproduced for close to 100 years. They made them out of high quality alder wood - its really a collector quality item. Watch the video to see more details and how the cards actually work. Have some fun with these!

Difficulty level: n/a
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Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Product Type Brain Teaser
Item Number 68924

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