Angry Birds Action Game

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The world's number one mobile game has flown out from the Smartphone screen to land on your living room floor. University Games' Angry Birds Action Game has flown the coop. The game includes a gigantic play mat, one yard in diameter, two plush birds, one plastic pig and three wooden blocks. Now you, your family and friends can toss your own Angry Birds to nail the pigs and score points to win. 

The Angry Birds Activity game can be enjoyed by you and your family both indoors and outdoors. The set up is quick and simple – just lay out the Angry Birds scoring mat, place your green pig on the precarious wooden platform and you are ready to play. Points are scored depending on where your green pig lands once he is knocked off of his perch.

Get everyone in on Angry Birds action! Use the branded carrying bag included to bring the Angry Birds Action Game to the beach, the family barbeque or the company picnic for all to enjoy. 

Players: For 2 or more players

Ages: 5 & up
Contents include 1 plastic pig, 1 plush red bird, 1 plush yellow bird, gigantic scoring mat, 3 wooden blocks, score pad and rules. 


Age 5+
Manufacturer University Games
Theme Outdoor Games
Product Type Game
Item Number 78208

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