Angry Birds Action Game - Scratch and Dent

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The hit Angry Birds mobile phone app is brilliantly transferred into the physical world with this fun, easy to use kit that is great for the whole family. The game allows the players to recreate the familiar scenes from Angry Birds, where the birds attempt to knock the pigs out and save their eggs. With the playing surface, a number of wooden blocks, the pig and, of course, the Angry Birds themselves, the players can enjoy a brand new outdoor game experience. The playing surface also doubles as a container for all game pieces.

The Angry Birds Activity game can be enjoyed by you and your family both indoors and outdoors. The set up is quick and simple – just lay out the Angry Birds scoring mat, place your green pig on the precarious wooden platform and you are ready to play. Points are scored depending on where your green pig lands once he is knocked off of his perch.

Damage is to the box

Age 5+
Manufacturer University Games
Game Type Family Games
Item Number 78212

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