A virus has invaded your system. Can you get rid of it before it can multiply itself? This game is more mind challenging to solve than it looks. As you'd imagine, there is not a lot of room in a cell, so the virus and all different shaped molecules are constantly blocking each other's path. And what's more, everything moves in a special way: the tiles can only slide diagonally and can move in group!

No-one is immune to the infectious fun this sliding game brings. The 60 challenges keep your body and mind healthy. A travel bag makes it easy to take this game along with you, and convenient to store the colourful game pieces. Young and old alike are quick to "catch the bug" - once you've started playing you won't want to stop!
Develops logical thinking skills, strategic planning and visual/spatial perception.
Ages 7+


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Manufacturer Smart Games
Mfg. Part Number SG 520US
UPC Number 847563000227
Item Number 54436

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5 Stars  

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5 Stars Susanna - Stafford, TX
I enjoy this game a lot - I put off getting it for a year or two because of the name - there's nothing 'biological' about the game in my opinion- the red piece is the 'virus' and you move the other pieces around until you can slide the red piece out. There's a booklet with different setups - if you're familiar with Thinkfun's Rush Hour concept then this is a step or two up in challenge - in this one the pieces slide diagonally and not side to side - and the pieces aren't all linear - some are some aren't. some pieces 'point' in the diagonal direction and others seem to slide sideways or zig-zaggy. some pieces can slide partially out of the exit and pieces nestled together can also slide together and/or separate as needed. I don't know about the age level but I'm 46 and found the game both easy and challenging and some of the easier puzzles challenged me the most. I had to look up some solutions or partial solutions then re-did the puzzle a few times to 'get it'. I find it relaxing and time goes by fast. I'm glad I found this one on clearance right before Christmas but if I'd known how fun it was i'd have paid more. my next favorite games from this company are hide and seek pirate and safari though I think both may be discontinued :-( Camouflauge is also a fun game by this company- all 3 are different enough to be worth getting all. airport is similar to camouflage in concept - just different topic. and I think aqua belle which seems to be new is the same as these 2.

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