Bingo Link - Can You See What I See?

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How to Play:
Can you see a trumpet? How about a rabbit that's pink? Now mark a path between them in this clever game of links! Take turns calling out objects and marking off the spaces. Every board has the same pictures but found in different places. You don't want to help another player win, so be careful what you name. Be the first to link two sides together and Bingo! - You've won the game!

About this Game:
We love games with simple rules that offer infinitely engaging play. Such is the case with Bingo Link. From the moment we first played, we knew it not only had the makings of a great Gamewright game, but also that it was the perfect complement to Walter Wick’s amazing Can You See What I See? book series. The combination of four uniquely shaped game boards with 61 objects from Walter’s visually dazzling collection makes this a game that’s not only a treat for the eyes, but also an endlessly repeatable challenge for players of all ages!

Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products
Tillywig Top Fun Award
Parents' Choice Gold
Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award
iParenting Media Award
National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Gold Award

Ages 6 and up
2 to 4 players
Playing time: 15 minutes
No reading required

Download instructions HERE!

Manufacturer Gamewright
Mfg. Part Number 7109
Item Number 50635

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