Brainwave Puzzle

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This fellow really has a lot on his mind. Can you help him organize his thoughts? You must insert the 10 pegs into his mind such that no color is repeated on any of the rows, columns, or diagonals of the triangle on BOTH sides at the same time. Each peg has a different color combination on its ends, made of acrylic. The puzzle is precision laser cut and engraved. The head is 1/4" thick. Wood used will vary and may include alder, cherry, birch, or maple. The base is made from floorboard material and wood patterns will vary.
The puzzle in the base measures approx 5.5" x 2.5" x 5" high. The design of the triangular puzzle is copyright of Stuart Gee. Made by Creative Crafthouse in Florida. 

Difficulty level: 4 (out of 6)
Suggested age: 10+ 
Age 10+
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Product Type Brain Teaser
Item Number 68932

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