Brass Treasure Chest

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This fascinating little brass mechanical puzzle designed by Rocky Chiaro takes dexterity as well as patience to open. Makes a great gift box for small treasures.

Object: Open the Chest
Dimension:   2 1/8 in x 1 in x 1 1/4 in
Difficultly Level: 6 (out of 6)

Age 8+
Manufacturer PUZZLE MASTER
Product Type Brain Teaser
Mfg. Part Number USYY15
Item Number 63839

The in store location isn't a puzzle, but a set of coordinates to help you and our staff locate the item in our store. The item might be located in more than one place or could be in an area you don't have access to. If you have any problems locating the item, please ask for assistance and one of our friendly staff will help you.