Cat Smarts Game

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The Paws-itively Meow-velous Question & Answer Game that makes learning about cats - from whiskers to tail - easy & fun!

CatSmarts is the playful question-and-answer game that features fascinating facts about the history, habits, and health of frisky felines. Simply choose a card to increase your kitty I.Q. Complete with questions like, "Why do cats always land on their feet?" and  "What is a group of cats called?" True-or-false and multiple-choice cards offer expert information on body language, breeds, behavior, and many other intriguing topics.
Scratch open the CatSmarts box to find: 12-page CatTips guide, Score pad, 100 question-and-answer cards in four cat-tastic categories.
Age 12+
Manufacturer SmartsCo
Product Type Card Game
Mfg. Part Number 3111
UPC Number 184709031111
Game Type Party Games
Item Number 50919

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