Codigo Cube

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Codigo Cube is the web-enabled play anytime, play anywhere trivia game that you play using the QR Code Cube, the camera on your Smartphone, and a FREE App. Simply roll the Codigo Cube (each side represents a trivia category), scan the QR code with your Smartphone, and answer the question that comes up. If you answer correctly, you re-roll. If you get it wrong, pass the cube to the next player. The first person to get one question correct from all six categories wins! The game is simple to learn, fast to play and extremely portable. Trivia questions are continually updated.

  • Recommended Age: 13 and up
  • Players: 1 or more
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Manufacturer Continuum Games
Mfg. Part Number 1299
UPC Number 013964484779
Game Type Dice Games, Electronic Game, Trivia Games
Maximum Players No maximum
Minimum Players 1
Recommended Age 13 and up
Item Number 61829

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