Commander-in-Chief Board Game

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Commander-in-Chief: The Game is a fun, fast-paced abstract war game played on a traditional checkerboard grid. The goal is to use your Air, Land and Sea military vehicles as a unified Armed Forces assault team to "capture" your opponent's Commander.

A strategy war game for the ages - this 3-in-1 board game includes multiple game play options including Chess & Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe and The Triangle Puzzle Game. You can also play 1-4 player strategy game for ages 6 and up, and also included are Team Game Play instructions. Released February 2013.

Download Game Rules
Download Quick Start Guide

  • Recommended Age: 6 and up
  • Players: 2-4
  • Play Time: 30 minutes
  • Includes: 30 playing pieces (military toys), 30 platform bases (stackable spinning tops/triangle puzzle game markers), 10 aerial platform bases (tic-tac-toe markers), 1 one minute sand timer, 1 chess/checkers/commander-in-chief double sided board game, 1 set of instructions and rules, 2 Commander-in-Chief Quick Start Guides


Manufacturer X Plus Products Inc
Mfg. Part Number XPP00001
Release Year 2013
Game Type Board Games
Maximum Players 4
Minimum Players 2
Recommended Age 6 and up
Item Number 71787

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