Community Heroes - Firefighters Puzzle

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A complex 13 piece puzzle, precision cut and laser etched from various 1/4" thick hardwoods. There are at least 5 different woods used which include Cherry, Maple, Ash, Mahogany, Red Grandis, Oak, Birch and Walnut and others. Each puzzle will be somewhat unique as the mix of woods will be different. The frame is made from 7mm floorboard material which provides strength, durability, and scratch resistance. Frame colors will vary. There is also a cover that will allow the puzzle to be stored with pieces intact. This is a difficult puzzle with a good solution of 2 hours assuming you have not seen it solved. 

Pieces in the puzzle include: burglar with money bag, burglar in jail, police car, motorcycle cop, policeman, handcuffs, scales of justice, baton, policeman on horse, badge, cap, police dog, and revolver. Designed by Dave Janelle, made in Spring Hill, Florida.

Dimensions: 7" x 7" x " x 1"
Difficulty level: 5 (out of 6)
Released 2013

Age Adult
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Product Type Brain Teaser
Item Number 68935

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