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Make Your Own Decision Maker. You can laser engrave any title and decision answers, like making your own special Magic 8 Ball, but with customized and personal answers, and made out of high quality hardwood by hand.

The standard model of the Decision Maker sells as the “Decision Maker” with preprinted (silk screened) text. Answers in this standard model are: Yes, No, Maybe, Why Not, and Maybe (there must be 5 answers, as there are 5 magnets imbedded in the base). But you can change this any way you want, and it will be laser engraved into the wood base to last a lifetime!

How it works? Ask the Decision maker a question, then lift the pendulum and let it go... the Decision maker will tell you the answer you're looking for! Answers include: Sleep, Swim, Work, Shop and Party. The pendulum will sway back and forth and then mysteriously point to the correct answer. A great gift item for the boss of the company or the boss of the house as well as all you indecisive folks out there.

The magic happens by way of magnetic force, but only high quality wood construction is visible. The bottom is felt so it won't damage tabletops. 

Dimensions: 3.75" x 7.75" x 5"
Click here to watch a video on the Decision Maker

Age Adult
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Product Type Novelty
Item Number 46977

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