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Look out ducks, make way for Bruce! In this quacked-up card game, ducks are waddling everywhere, the circus, the beach, even the moon, and Bruce is hot on their tails. Gather the most high-scoring ducks by turning over cards one at a time. The more cards you reveal, the more you can collect. But if Bruce shows up, your ducks better take cover before that wily hound ruffles some feathers! Get the highest score and you're one lucky duck.

About this game
A flock of ducks waddling through bizarre locations and a rambunctious dog named Bruce. If this sounds like a strange combination for a card game, wait until you give it a try! After just one round, we guarantee you'll be barking (or quacking) for more. Remember to say "Duck!" every time you reveal a duck card and do your best to resist the temptation of turning over more cards. Oh, and Bruce loves to be scratched behind his ears, and on his belly, and well, just about everywhere else!

Dr. Toy's Best Product Award Winner
Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award
Canadian Toy Testing Council *** (Highest Rating)
Parenting Magazine Mom-Tested Toy of the Year
Parents' Choice Approved
National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

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Duck Duck Bruce

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Manufacturer Gamewright
Mfg. Part Number 235
Game Type Card Games, Children's Games
Recommended Age 6 and up
Item Number 50972


5 Stars  

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5 Stars Susanna - Stafford, TX
LOVE this game! I bought it for my friend's 5 yr old (haven't played with them yet) but bought a copy for myself and took to a boardgame meetup tonight and we had time for a quick game and 2 of us needed to unwind after the intense game we had just finished. I loved the cute cards - on the one valued '4' the last duck is doing different in a cutesy thematic way. :-) It's a simple game of press your luck with just enough strategy to make it fun enough for adults. you lose ducks by pressing your luck and continuing to draw - either by revealing a duck in a suite you already have facing up in your turn or by turning over a Bruce(dog) card who chases them off - but Bruce lets you point to a person's nest and roll for 1-3 of their cards- to get the card you must roll that number or higher. if you roll a -1 that person gets one of your cards. the odds(I think) are 1/6 of losing one of your ducks, 1/3 of getting 3 ducks, 1/2 of getting 2 ducks, and 5/6 of getting 1 duck. at the end you sort your ducks but suite with highest in each suite on top and only count the highest so it's possible someone with a bunch of suites with a low highest value card over someone with a few suites with all 4 value cards(values are 1-4)
5 Stars Mommy of Twins - Chicago
I really love this game, and my kids (4 and 7) do too. It's fun and quick and we enjoy playing it over and over. I plan to get a few more Gamewright games for Christmas.
5 Stars G. Reisdorf - Pittsburgh
We got this card game for my daughter for Christmas and she LOVES it. She is 7 years old and really enjoys playing it. The games go very fast, and you can play as many rounds as you want, so it's a perfect "filler" when you have a few minutes to spare in a waiting room or while dinner is cooking. And when the round is over, she has to practice her math skills as she adds up her cards to see who is the winner. I would recommend this game for sure!
5 Stars Ken Payne - UTah
We got this for our 5 year-old's birthday. I love it because it's fun for adults plus my 3 year old can almost play it too. The pictures on the cards are bright and fun. Simple and easy to learn (you do have to read the instructions carefully, but you can teach the game to another person in a few easy steps), and you can play a whole game in just a few minutes. I would recommend this game to anyone.

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