• 400 pieces
  • Includes both large and small pieces so that beginners and experts can work together
  • Made by Cobble Hill
  • Completed puzzle measures 24" x 18"

Find the Difference - Dino Park

5 Stars  

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Pieces 400
Age 10+
Dimensions 24" x 18" (61 x 46 cm)
Manufacturer Cobble Hill
Theme Cartoons, Dinosaurs
Puzzle Type Children's Puzzles, Family Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle
Mfg. Part Number 54572
UPC Number 625012545723
Release Year 2012
Item Number 61477


5 Stars  

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5 Stars Susanna S - Stafford, TX
nice puzzle! Cobble Hill family puzzles with a find the difference theme! colorful -the big pieces are on the left then go towards medium then the smallest pieces on the right - was pretty challenging esp with the small pieces! very colorful yet not glossy- Cobble Hill has a matte finish so the pieces aren't shiny.
5 Stars Susanna - Stafford, TX
This was my first(or possibly 2nd) Cobble HIll puzzle and my first Family Puzzle. I love this brand and style! This was one that I took to my friend's thinking she, Little Dude (5), and me could do together. It didn't quite work out that way! I sorted the outside pieces and had them stacked with the big ones set aside for Little Dude (who was seriously into Lego action and xbox Indiana Jones and not wanting to sit for anything)Turns out the little guy picked up a few pieces and played with them a bit...a little later my friend's aunt sat and started fiddling with them so we cleared the table and started! I can't remember exactly who worked when but a few times all 4 adults were working - yes her husband turned into a puzzle maniac - a previous puzzle the day before had hooked him and he joined in this one too. He said something about not believing all the different sized pieces would join together and had to see for himself...we sorta did sections then he would 'steal' them and put them in place - my friend gave up and just asked him what he wanted her to work on next LOL! We all seemd to like the different sized pieces - we saved *most* of the big ones for LIttle Dude who came over and 'did his part' when asked and loved seeing the picture being made. The smaller pieces of course took longer and some of the colors show up quite a bit and the differences make some of it harder (looking for a specific color but that color has changed or trying to find where something is or isn't and it's the opposite) only 12 differences though and they're listed on the back(no we didnt' cheat!) Anyways this brand/line of puzzles is really nice - not glossy, good colors so even the smallest pieces are still recognizable(the snow family puzzle is much harder with lots of snow and small people) this one has enough to place the pieces(or the majority of them). I did notice when opening that several pieces were already together so had to separate those and a bit more puzzle dust than I expected but not bad and only a couple of pieces had the back sorta pull off a bit - didn't mess anything up and pieces were not flimsy.They're not thin but not super think like a kid's puzzle - the big pieces are just bigger widths/lengths not thickness. also the bigger pieces go on the left and work towards the smallest pieces on the right - seems like the big pieces included the entire gate (which little dude found a bit boring with all the gray but he got the kids entering and the stuff all up that side so he was happy) Overall a great puzzle and if they'd do more like this and the Snow themed cartoon-y one I'd buy them. ?All the adults liked having the different sized pieces - the big pieces help make it go together faster (the snow puzzle we did all and little dude just admired!)and gives a break from the little pieces or for when you're stuck.

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