Froggy Boogie

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A Fun Memory Race Around the Pond! It's nap time at the pond, but baby frogs still want to play.
A fresh twist on traditional Memory and CandyLand games, Froggy Boogie is a quick-moving, clever new thinking game for kids. Ideal for memory development, counting skills, color recognition, and leaps forward in social interactions!

A wide span of ages find it fun to hop the cute little baby frogs around the pond. Small fingers lift eyeballs of parent frogs to see if they are watching. If Mama/Papa Frog is not - expect fits of giggles and a baby frog rushing ahead to the next lily pad.

Simple, enjoyable game play:

Toss the 2 colored dice
Choose the Mama/Papa frog of the same color as the dice
Select an eyeball from the Mama/Papa frog
If the eyeball has a little frog pictured on the bottom the baby frog must stay put
No baby frog û then the baby frogs may move ahead
(Players must remember which popping eyes will allow the baby frogs to hop ahead; which popping eyes will freeze baby frogs on the lily pad.)
The baby frog who hops all around the pond is the winner

The basic premise of this game:
If Mama/Papa Frog are watching the baby frogs, they cannot hop around the pond. Easily altered to: Baby frogs can hop around the pond only if Mama/Papa Frog are watching.

Delightful educational learning game
Improves skills in memory, color recognition, counting
Well thought out, high interest game - a hit with kids
Quick, enjoyable game for the whole family
Allows winning by memory (or potentially by luck)
Vibrant, substantial, well made wooden pieces

Includes: 6 wooden baby frogs, 9 wooden adult frogs with 18 popping eyes, 1 large wooden water lily, 11 small wooden water lilies, 2 wooden dice
Illustrated, easy to learn instructions
Attractive, very sturdy storage box
Spare parts available from manufacturer if needed (see package insert)
For 2-6 Players

Download instructions HERE

Age 6+
Manufacturer Blue Orange
Theme Memory Games
Product Type Game
Mfg. Part Number 230
UPC Number 803979002309
Item Number 47300

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