Brain Teasers

Gift Card Maze Brain Teaser

Gift Card Maze

This is a bi - level maze that is specially sized to hold gift cards, credit cards, or phone cards. Simply place the gift in the amazing card maze, close the box, and present it. Then the fun begins!I ... Read More »
Cash Out Brain Teaser

Cash Out

There is a plexiglass panel behind which is some folded cash. You can see, but can you get it? Uses a classic puzzle technique to release a locking mechanism which will allow the panel to be open ... Read More »
Puzzle Pod Brain Teaser

Puzzle Pod

Love brainteasers or know someone who does? Now you can give a give with a cryptex puzzle, like the one from "The Da Vinci Code," but large enough to hold items like small gifts, cash and gi ... Read More »
2015 Christmas Puzzle Ornaments - Church Snow 3D Puzzle
54 Pieces

2015 Christmas Puzzle Ornaments - Church

54 piece puzzleball Made by Ravensburger Completed puzzle measures 3" in diameter 
2015 Christmas Puzzle Ornaments - Sled Snow 3D Puzzle
54 Pieces

2015 Christmas Puzzle Ornaments - Sled

54 piece puzzleball Made by Ravensburger Completed puzzle measures 3" in diameter 
Safecracker 40 Brain Teaser

Safecracker 40

Fantastic and unique puzzle based on a 1911 design. The object is to get each of the 16 columns of numbers to add to 40 at the same time. Can you find the combination? There is a base ring and then 4 ... Read More »
Beer Bottle Dilemma Puzzle Food and Drink Brain Teaser

Beer Bottle Dilemma Puzzle

A Creative Crafthouse original design - This wooden bottle puzzle will securely "lock" a beer bottle into place such that it cannot be opened until you solve the puzzle. Its quite a tri ... Read More »
Jackpot Money Ball Brain Teaser

Jackpot Money Ball

Guide your coin through 50 twists and turns in this Jackpot Money Ball puzzle. Weave, roll, and jump your coil through winding paths and obstacles - one slip and your coil falls into the locked coin c ... Read More »
Trail Run Maze Puzzle Brain Teaser

Trail Run Maze Puzzle

A unique designs where you have to arrange the tiles inside the frame to complete the course. Each of the 16 pieces must be positioned correctly and there is only one unique solution. The trail is las ... Read More »
Fishermans Dilemma Puzzle Fish Brain Teaser

Fishermans Dilemma Puzzle

Can you fit the 20 fish back into the box? There are 9 different types of fish among the 20. Beautiful all wood puzzle based on a 1960's design that was originally plastic. Fish are precision lase ... Read More »
Pinwheel Brainteaser Puzzle Brain Teaser

Pinwheel Brainteaser Puzzle

A unique and beautiful Creative Crafthouse design made from 3 different hardwoods. There are 2 puzzles to solve:Challenge #1 (hard) - arrange the tiles such that all 9 blades (radiating out from cente ... Read More »
Calibron 12 Brain Teaser

Calibron 12

The objective is to fit all the pieces in the large square opening. There is only 1 solution and it is very difficult to find.  Packaged the puzzle unsolved, but the solution is provided.  M ... Read More »
Idiot Stick Brain Teaser

Idiot Stick

Idiot Stick (Rubber band Snatch) This is a classic and fun trick puzzle that will drive your friends nuts as only YOU can snatch the rubber band.Dimensions: 1" x 3.75" x 1"Difficulty le ... Read More »
Money Maze Bank Brain Teaser

Money Maze Bank

The Money Maze™ Gift Box is a great combination of a gift box, challenging puzzle and an intriguing bank. It is the perfect gift for teasing that difficult to buy for person. Place cash, checks, ... Read More »
Wine Lovers Puzzle Brain Teaser

Wine Lovers Puzzle

Beautiful to look at and very difficult to solve if you have never seen how the pieces go into the frame, this Wine Lover's picture frame puzzle is cut from 1/4" maple and fit into a 7" ... Read More »

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