Brain Teasers

Dinosaur Dilemma Dinosaurs Brain Teaser
8 Pieces

Dinosaur Dilemma

Unit Price: $19.99
Artistic and challenging. There are 8 dinosaurs that must fit into the square space. If you never saw it solved, 30 minutes would be a good solution time. The dino creatures are approx 1/4" th ... Read More »
Hanayama Coaster Brain Teaser

Hanayama Coaster

Unit Price: $11.99
Created by Serhiy Grabarchuk, a famous Ukrainian puzzler designer who lives in Uzhgorod, the original drawing of this Hanayama Level 4 Cast Puzzle - Coaster looked like a strange adornment weaved into ... Read More »
7 Pennies Puzzle Brain Teaser

7 Pennies Puzzle

Unit Price: $6.99
The object of this puzzle is to place 7 pennies (included) on the board in 7 different circles. The rules are simple: You must start each penny on a VACANT circle and move it along a connecting line t ... Read More »
Cash Out Brain Teaser

Cash Out

Unit Price: $12.99
There is a plexiglass panel behind which is some folded cash. You can see, but can you get it?¬†Uses a classic puzzle technique to release a locking mechanism which will allow the panel to be opened ... Read More »
Cast Flag Brain Teaser

Cast Flag

Unit Price: $11.99
At the end of the 19th century, Britain experienced a huge puzzle craze. I managed to pick a number of the puzzles famous during that period in flea markets, despite their rarity. Based on a puzzle th ... Read More »
Crazy Cheese Strategy/Logic Games Brain Teaser

Crazy Cheese

Unit Price: $9.99
Crazy Cheese is both a puzzle and a brainteaser in the same slice of cheese! simple as it appears, completing this puzzle without the solution key is a phenomenal feat of perseverance a ... Read More »
Gift Card Maze Brain Teaser

Gift Card Maze

Unit Price: $7.49
This is a bi - level maze that is specially sized to hold gift cards, credit cards, or phone cards. Simply place the gift in the amazing card maze, close the box, and present it. Then the fun begins! ... Read More »
6 Puzzle Gift Set (Premium) Brain Teaser

6 Puzzle Gift Set (Premium)

Unit Price: $38.99
This is a set of 6 fun wooden puzzles in a box with a hardwood cover. Something very special and a little something for everyone! Contains small sizes of: Snake, Moon Cage, 2x2x2 Burr, Pagoda - 9pc ... Read More »
Baseball Puzzle - 12 pieces Sports Brain Teaser
12 Pieces

Baseball Puzzle - 12 pieces

Unit Price: $12.99
This one may strike you out! A classic and challenging 12 piece puzzle. Pieces interlock and the ball will stay together when assembled. Part of the initial challenge is figuring out how to take it ap ... Read More »
Cast Disk Brain Teaser

Cast Disk

Unit Price: $11.99
The World Puzzle Designers' Forum, held in August 2000 in Los Angeles was where I first met my close friend Oskar. This puzzle is based on a disc based puzzle that he showed me at that time. Battling ... Read More »
Cast Key Brain Teaser

Cast Key

Unit Price: $11.99
Two keys appear to be permanently linked and, no matter how you look at it, there is seemingly no solution to unlocking them. However, as a highly popular puzzle since its creation during the 19th cen ... Read More »
Century Cube II Brain Teaser

Century Cube II

Unit Price: $13.99
Century Cube I is one of Creative Crafthouse's best selling level 5 puzzles, and this one is the follow up design. It is a sequential locking cube on the order of Century Cube I, except it has only ... Read More »
Devils Chessboard Brain Teaser

Devils Chessboard

Unit Price: $17.99
A puzzle design by William Stijbos of the Netherlands. It was the winner of the prestigious Himiki Puzzle competition in Japan in 1990. Features 16 wooden puzzle pieces, consisting of white and dar ... Read More »
Hanayama Amour Brain Teaser

Hanayama Amour

Unit Price: $11.99
Puzzle expert Akio Yamamoto brought us this Hanayama Level 5 Cast Puzzle - Amour masterpiece by joining two separate yet linked loops to create this challenge. Remove "Adam" and "Eve" from the metal p ... Read More »
Hanayama Elk Brain Teaser

Hanayama Elk

Unit Price: $11.99
With the Hanayama Level 6 Cast Puzzle - Elk, the antlers are the key to unlocking the mystery of this 19th century British conundrum. It was discovered in Britain by Nob Yoshigahara, who brought it ac ... Read More »