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Great Minds: Galileo's Globe Brain Teaser

Great Minds: Galileo's Globe

Great Minds: Galileo's Globe by Recent Toys is sure to puzzle the greatest of minds. This unique wooden brain teaser is perfect for gift giving and all around family fun. Can you solve this puzzl ... Read More »
Star Wars Death Star Perplexus Maze Star Wars Toy

Star Wars Death Star Perplexus Maze

The Star Wars ultimate weapon Death Star is now The Perplexus® ultimate 3D maze! Hold the power in your hands, twisting and turning the Death Star to maneuver your marble along the track and make ... Read More »
Baseball Puzzle - 12 pieces Sports Brain Teaser
12 Pieces

Baseball Puzzle - 12 pieces

This one may strike you out! A classic and challenging 12 piece puzzle. Pieces interlock and the ball will stay together when assembled. Part of the initial challenge is figuring out how to take it ap ... Read More »
Color Match Wheels Brain Teaser

Color Match Wheels

Try to align the wheels such that each adjacent dot is the same color. The wheels will come out of the box and they must be put in exactly in the proper position (in addition to turning the wheels to ... Read More »
Golf (Medium) Brain Teaser

Golf (Medium)

Comes in two sizes. Great puzzle for desk or coffee table! Appeals to those who aren't usually puzzle people as you always seem to get close and it motivates you to continue. The object is to lay ... Read More »
Great Minds- Kepler's Planetary Brain Teaser

Great Minds- Kepler's Planetary

Great Minds- Kepler's Planetary by Recent Toys is sure to puzzle the greatest of minds. This unique wooden brain teaser is perfect for gift giving and all around family fun. Can you solve this pu ... Read More »
Hanayama Elk Hanayama

Hanayama Elk

With the Hanayama Level 6 Cast Puzzle - Elk, the antlers are the key to unlocking the mystery of this 19th century British conundrum. It was discovered in Britain by Nob Yoshigahara, who brought it ac ... Read More »
Rubik's Cube Classic Brain Teaser

Rubik's Cube Classic

The world's most famous puzzle is the still the best selling puzzle of all time. Made from molded plastic, not stickers, for a higher quality puzzle that will last longer and look better - plus, ... Read More »
Cash Out Brain Teaser

Cash Out

There is a plexiglass panel behind which is some folded cash. You can see, but can you get it? Uses a classic puzzle technique to release a locking mechanism which will allow the panel to be opened.A ... Read More »
Gun Puzzle Brain Teaser

Gun Puzzle

An unusual puzzle looking like an old west revolver. The first thing you must do is figure out how to take it apart... not too hard in this case, but it is held firmly together so once assembled the p ... Read More »
Hanayama Nutcase Hanayama

Hanayama Nutcase

The "nuts and bolts" appearance of the Hanayama Level 6 Cast Puzzle - Nutcase may lull you into believing this to be a straightforward puzzle, but it is a total brain drain. Inventor Oskar v ... Read More »
Log Jam (Premium) Brain Teaser
8 Pieces

Log Jam (Premium)

Your goal is to fit all 8 log segments into the box. It comes unsolved, with the last piece in the storage compartment built into the box. The storage compartment is a great feature as it provides a p ... Read More »
Perplexus Epic Brain Teaser

Perplexus Epic

You've mastered the Original - Can you beat the new Perplexus Epic? 125 barriers with gnarly new twists, turns Perlexus Epic provides hours of challenging, three dimensional fun.  Perplexu ... Read More »
Safecracker 40 Brain Teaser

Safecracker 40

Fantastic and unique puzzle based on a 1911 design. The object is to get each of the 16 columns of numbers to add to 40 at the same time. Can you find the combination? There is a base ring and then 4 ... Read More »
Soma Cube (Craftsman) Brain Teaser
7 Pieces

Soma Cube (Craftsman)

This puzzle is versatile and interesting with appeal for all ages. Comes in a variety of sizes. Develops the spatial part of the brain in a very entertaining way. The 7 pieces will make a cube 240 dif ... Read More »

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