Pass The Pigs

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How's your tolerance for puns? You'll need some for Pass the Pigs, a simple game of chance built around a pig theme. Instead of dice, you roll two cute pink piglets, and you gain or lose points depending on how the critters land. For example, if both land on all fours, called a "double trotter," you get 20 points; if they land lying opposite each other, called a "Pig Out," you gain no points and cede your turn. There are a number of other rules as well as a variation called "Hog Call." This would be a good travel game (the pigs, instructions, and scoring pad fit in a small, tidy box) or a fine present for someone who collects pigs!

  • Recommended Age: 7 and up
  • Players: 2-10
  • Play Time: 30 minutes
  • Includes: 2 pig dice, score pad, scoring guide, 2 pencils, plasting carrying case, instructions
Manufacturer Winning Moves Games
Mfg. Part Number 1046
UPC Number 714043010468
Game Type Dice Games, Party Games, Travel Games
Maximum Players 10
Minimum Players 2
Recommended Age 7 and up
Item Number 62462

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