Passion Flowers

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PASSION FLOWERS - The Blue Passion Flower is popular with gardeners because it attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The shape of the flowers has led to the plant being associated with the passion of Jesus; the three stigmas representing the three nails used to nail Jesus to the cross, the ovary and its stalk represent the chalice of the Last Supper, the five anthers the five wounds, the corona the crown of thorns, the ten "petals" (actually five petals and five sepals), the apostles (save Judas the traitor and Peter the denier); old leaves represent the hands of those who persecuted Him, young leaves the lance which stabbed Him and the tendrils the whips which beat Him.

Pieces 1000
Age Adult
Manufacturer Purrfect Puzzles
Theme Flowers, Ireland, Mother's Day
Product Type Jigsaw Puzzle
UPC Number 812911003465
Item Number 40260

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