SMART - Cool Bear with Pillows

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SMART started his career as a professional illustrator in 2002. His lack of formal training in fine arts gave him an open mind to new styles and techniques not bound by the shackle of old fashioned traditions, which helped to lay the foundation of his natural and direct style with a unique European touch. In his art SMART's primary focus has been on his tender affection for animals, depicting their vivid facial expressions and lively interactions in a pure-hearted world of animals, with perfect harmony and peace, and stories touching our hearts. Through his fine strokes and subtly refined attention to details, one can feel the flow of pure and genuine emotions through the twinkling eyes of the animals. With a diverse color palette of soft hues in warm tones inspired by nature, SMART conveys the very message of peace and human bonding through harmony in the simplicity of an animal world full of trust, caring, and sincerity. Each SMART's illustration is a story in its own right, with a crisp, refreshing taste of an apple that puts a smile on your face for the day.

Puzzle is 500 plastic pieces and is 12.12" x 14.88" when finished.

Pieces 500
Age Adult
Manufacturer Pintoo
Theme Bears
Product Type Jigsaw Puzzle, Plastic Jigsaw
UPC Number 4713157030870
Item Number 56461

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