• 400 pieces
  • Includes both large and small pieces so that beginners and experts can work together
  • Made by Cobble Hill
  • Completed puzzle measures 24" x 18"

Snow in the Park

5 Stars  

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Pieces 400
Age 10+
Dimensions 24" x 18" (61 x 46 cm)
Manufacturer Cobble Hill
Theme Cartoons
Puzzle Type Children's Puzzles, Family Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle
Mfg. Part Number 54571
UPC Number 625012545716
Release Year 2012
Item Number 61476


5 Stars  

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5 Stars Karen - Reno, NV
Quality: Excellent (100%)
Value: Excellent (100%)
Difficulty: Medium
Would Recommend: Yes
We bought this puzzle because we love to ski and ski season is approaching. It gets us in the mood for skiing. My husband and I are putting it together now and we are really having fun. The puzzle has a lot of character and is very cute.
5 Stars Susanna - Stafford, TX
This was my 2nd Cobble HIll Family puzzle (reviewed the fist Dino Park) and the quality is the same - nice quality, not too much glare, sturdy pieces (even the tiny ones) as with the other puzzle the big pieces start on the left and work across to the smallest pieces - there are a few really small pieces here and there and some odd shapes -0 some of the edge pieces have this tiny maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch edge then gets bigger so you don't realize at first it's the edge piece you're needing! This one was harder than the Dino Park puzzle - lots of snow and smaller people to place and toss in 12 differences esp where you're trying to place something and it makes it tougher. I took this to a friend's to do with her and her 5 yr old but turned out the 5 yr old was a bit too active to concentrate on a puzzle - he did the big pieces in the dino puzzle but told us to 'go ahead it's ok' for this one. we waited til the end then asked again then did it ourselves to finish! surprisingly (at least to me but not my friend- she knows he's more into action now than siting and anything more than 48 pieces he has to be coaxed and wants it done when he's done - this one has 400 pieces and those take longer than the big pieces!) but surprsingly we didn't snag little dude with these puzzles but his dad and my friend's aunt were hooked! esp the dad - he turned into an addict or something - he asked to do another puzzle after the dino one and I remembered I had this one in the car but hadn't brought in since didn't think we'd have time. All the adults like the different sized pieces - he liked seeing how they all fit - he didn't believe they'd go together and kept asking 'how' so he sat down and figured it out. This is a tv/outside guy but we just stood or sat and watched him work on this puzzle - totally lost in what he was doing! when we were done we walked off and came back to put it away and the aunt and little dude were looking for the 12 differences together so he did enjoy that part! we found the differences as we put it together eps when 1 of them really threw me off! fun scene and good quality. I would buy more of these cartoon-y family puzzles if they made them - even to do myself. It's nice having a few big pieces (and they big pieces are at least 1/3 or more of the puzzle since there aren't many and they're big-went over to the snowman on the left seems like but the little sleds at the top were medium/smallish pieces) the pieces aren't too glare-y or shiny, sturdy enough but not kid-thickiness so you feel like you're doing a baby puzzle. the big pieces are nice for a break - doing the little pieces takes a while and it's nice to slap a big piece in place and have 'instant gratification' :-) would be a fun puzzle to work alone as well though probably would stretch out a day or longer for me by myself.

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