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Sukugo is a social Sudoku game board that also includes instructions for other games you can also play other games like 9x9 Go, Chinese Checkers, Five in a Row, Connect Four and American Checkers. Designed with balance in mind, this innovative approach to Sudoku equally engages both halves of the brain - the left side works on numerical challenges and reasoning while the right side focuses on color patterns and creativity. Released 2013.

Loved by players of every age and skill level, the goal of Sudoku - a fun, addictive logic game - is to fill all 81 spaces on the 9x9 playing area with numbers, such that all digits 1-9 are used once per row, per column and per 3x3 region.

Manufacturer Sukugo LLC
Mfg. Part Number SG1201
Item Number 71690

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