Teak Log Mantle Clock

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This is a strikingly beautiful mantle clock that will also hang on the wall. It is made from old growth teak that has been salvaged from shipwrecks, old buildings, or trees branches downed decades ago when harvesting these old trees was allowed. Each clock is different as they are follow the natural lines of the particular piece of wood it is made from. The finish has the wonderful oily feel that only comes from this super dense and naturally oily old growth teak. These kind of products are very limited, as it no longer legal to harvest the few remaining old growth Teak trees, so any such wood must be salvaged, or recycled. Such teak is virtually waterproof (decks of sailing ships were from this teak) and lasts many many lifetimes.

Clocks are battery powered, and measure roughly 11" high x 7" wide x 2" thick. 

Age Adult
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Product Type Novelty
Item Number 47223

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