The Game for Boys

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Join in on the fun of playing the first game in history to challenge boys (and their dads) to compete in a variety of traditional activities associated with a boy's life. How manly are you? Find out by:

     *   Identifying insects, trees and birds
     *   Solving headbanging brainteasers
     *   Performing amazing magic tricks
     *   Reciting classic rhymes, poems and limericks, and
     *   Deciphering coded messages

Players roll a die, select a category and answer an activity or question card within a set time. It's OK to ask a friend or pass the challenge to another player! The winner is the first to collect 100 boyzpoints by correctly overcoming a myriad of boyhood challenges.Contents include Game Board, Over 100 Topic Cards, Rope, Chips, Complete Guide to Useful Information, 4 Moving Pieces, Card Deck, Instructions and Timer. For 2 to 4 players. Ages 8 & up.

Age 5+
Manufacturer University Games
Theme Party Games
UPC Number 794764018783
Item Number 43745

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