The Game of Baloney

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How Good a Liar Are You? You decide to lie or tell the truth, while keeping a straight face. Both the truth and the lies are provided for you. For example, you'll read a card that says "If you pass gas constantly for 81 months, you will emit the same energy as..." The truth is "an atomic bomb." The lie is "two sticks of dynamite." You choose what to tell, they guess if you're telling the truth! It's only when you fool your fellow players that you will win the game. Released July 2013. 

  • Recommended Age: 8 and up
  • Players: 2-6
  • Includes: 192 Baloney Cards, 384 Fun Facts with 768 ways to like about them, 24 Betting Cards, 6 Pawns and a Game Board
Manufacturer TDC Games
Mfg. Part Number 1967
Game Type Conversational Games, Party Games
Maximum Players 6
Minimum Players 2
Recommended Age 8 and up
Item Number 76219

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