The Man Game

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A game MEN will REALLY want to PLAY! A game of chip pitching, knot tying, football flicking, head scratching, chest thumping man fun! Playing is as easy as opening the box and drawing a card – because real men don’t read instructions.

  •  Best looking man goes first
  •  Draw a card and begin playing
  •  Have fun. No fighting
  •  Last man standing wins
Game includes the following MANLY equipment:
  • Over 220 game cards to amuse and entertain
  • Flick Football - the school day tradition 
  • A Ball - What do men love more? Bounce it, roll it, toss it in their buddy's drink - they never get enough
  • A Tape Measure - See who has the biggest noggin, bicep, etc!
  • Paper and Pencil - for jotting down those pearls of wisdom
  • Rope - not enough to hang themselves, but just enough to show off their inner sailor
  • Dice - Roll dem bones
  • Chips - For games of skill and keeping score. Competing is a man rule.
  • Regulation deck of playing cards - Shut up and dead!

For MEN of all ages and Women who thing they're MAN enough!

Age 10+
Manufacturer Late For the Sky
Product Type Game
Mfg. Part Number MNGM
UPC Number 730799061141
Game Type Party Games
Item Number 58146

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