Twenty Questions Kids

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The Classic Game of People, Places, and Things . . . for Kids. I am reddish in color, I don't have any rings, and a candy bar shares my name. What am I? You act as the clue giver while the other players try to solve the secret identity. Each clue that's read reveals more about the secret identity. The trick is to solve the identity in the fewest number of clues. National Parenting Publications Award.

Players: 2-10

Ages: 3-7 Years

Contents Include: This product features a game board (2 to 10 players race around a question mark-shaped circuit) and 150 question cards (for 3,000 total clues). Each card has a person, place, thing, or year (either recent or otherwise noteworthy, like 1989 or 1776) with 20 clues about the subject.

Manufacturer University Games
Product Type Card Game
UPC Number 025766010506
Game Type Kids Games
Maximum Players 10
Minimum Players 2
Recommended Age 6 and up
Item Number 43672

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