Wine Bottle Connoisseurs Dilemma II

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This puzzle traps a wine bottle, or any bottle that will fit into the base. It has a completely different look and solution as compared to our Connoisseurs Dilemma I original puzzle. This one does expose most of the bottle for those of you wanting to display a label more prominently. At first glance the puzzle seems quite complex, as there is a lock on one side and the key to open it is trapped within a string puzzle on the opposite side. It is indeed tricky, though the solution can be fairly done quickly if you are familiar with string puzzles. It quite possible to get this thing all balled up and a tangled mess. Don’t worry, as we provide an extra set of keys to the lock, so that you can unlock it and release the bottle should things go wrong.

Note that if you need to, you can use a spare key at any time to get at your bottle without having to resort to cutting the string.

Dimensions: 4.75" x 6.5" x 12.5"
Difficulty level: 3 (out of 6)
Suggested age: 21+

Video links:
How to get the bottle in
How to get the bottle out

Age Adult
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Product Type Brain Teaser
Item Number 47198

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