A Truly Baffling Jigsaw Puzzle

If someone mentions Bafflers in a talk about jigsaw puzzles, don’t be surprised. It will probably become a widely acknowledged reference in the puzzle world, if it hasn’t already. The Bafflers like to market themselves as the most unique jigsaw puzzles on the planet, and there isn’t probably anyone who would dare contradict them.

If you take a look at a Baffler jigsaw puzzle, you’ll understand better all the buzz surrounding them. Bafflers have a unique style involving a random design and a really odd cutting. If you add to that the lack of straight edges, the absence of overlapping images and dozens of unique shapes in only one jigsaw puzzle, the result might seem unreal.

All these characteristics may not seem to fit into your image of a jigsaw puzzle and yet, that’s exactly what the Bafflers are. Unique and challenging puzzles with unique and challenging shapes and unique and challenging pieces that will all make you forget everything you knew about traditional jigsaw puzzles.

The only thing they have in common is probably that there’s only one way of putting the pieces together. But for a Baffler, even this becomes unique. The strangely shaped irregular pieces leave you no choice. With traditional jigsaw puzzle pieces, if you forget about the image on the box, you can play with the pieces as much as you want, and put together some that don’t belong together. With the Bafflers, that’s not even conceivable.

Baffler jigsaw puzzles make a fun challenge for an expert puzzler, or a great gift for the jigsaw lover who has seen everything (or thinks he has).

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