Cobble Hill Puzzles

src=/content/navigation/small/cobble_hill_logo.png Cobble Hill Puzzles - Each and every jigsaw puzzle from the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company is meticulously crafted to their museum quality standards, using the finest inks and varnishes for a crisp and vivid image on the jigsaw puzzle. Made only from premium grade blue board, the thick and durable precision cut pieces are engineered to exacting specifications, ensuring a sturdy interlocking fit that jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts will truly appreciate and enjoy.


The Jigsaw Puzzle Maker, Allegra Vernon, shares her secrets of how to make a quality jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are not magically transformed from image to pieces simply by sending a pretty image to the cutting press. From discovering quality workmanship, to cleaning the images, using random cut engineering, and the attention to details it takes a lot of work to turn images into crisp, vibrant jigsaw puzzles and that includes making the box look good!

Made in North America, Cobble Hill Puzzle Company produces quality jigsaws that are sold through independent retailers worldwide and also with online jigsaw puzzle retailers. 

The jigsaw puzzle was originally created in 1760 by John Spillsbury, a London mapmaker. To cut an image that was painted on wood, he used a tool known as a jigsaw or jig saw; thus the name! 

Cobble Hill's most popular piece count is our 1000 piece puzzle. However, we produce piece counts from 60 piece kids puzzles to adult puzzles with 2000 pieces. In the video, Allegra speaks about unique offerings which include, Easy Handling Puzzles (275 large pieces) and Family Puzzles (400 small, medium, and large sized pieces) as well as how quality puzzles are made. 

(Source: Outset Media 2013)

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