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20 Express

Looking for the best game for a large group? Hop aboard the 20 Express! Each player has a train of 20 cars to fill with numbers. The goal is to create the longest ascending series possible. Twenty numbered tiles are randomly drawn. With every draw, the number must board a car and stay there. Break a series and you miss out on points. Like in Bingo, you need luck on your side, but number sense and sharp guesswork pays off. 

Recommended Age: 8 and up
Players: 1 to 100
Play Time: 15 minutes

Customer Comments

I was very happy with the puzzles I ordered and the speed and condition of delivery. I like both Springbok and Ravensburger puzzles so keep carrying those brands! - Best, Janet

I am totally addicted to jigsaw puzzles! My daughter lives in St. Louis and we happened to drive by your store a few weeks ago. Wow...puzzle heaven!! Now, to my husband's dismay, all I do is order... More

Beautiful website! I've been lost inside it for about the past two hours! The site is very easy to navigate, simple, and straight-forward, and the zoom image of each puzzle is excellent. I'll ... More