Jigsaw Puzzle Glue

You've worked very hard, perhaps for hours, days, maybe even weeks to find every little piece...and with the last distinctive snap of a jigsaw puzzle piece settling into place, you've completed your masterpiece. As you sit back and admire your work, you wonder, "now what?" After all of that effort, you may not want to rip it back apart, and you don't have to. Using jigsaw puzzle glue, you can preserve your work indefinitely.

To use the glue, you'll need to first slide something under your completed puzzle, such as a large piece of cardboard. Even better, if you know in advance that you wish to glue your puzzle, simply lay the cardboard down first and build the puzzle over it. Next, read and follow the directions on your bottle of jigsaw puzzle glue. Each brand could differ slightly, but generally, you'll want to apply a liberal amount of glue to the entire face of the puzzle, even overlapping the edges a bit. Allow to dry thoroughly (usually at least 2 hours, but overnight is better). Then carefully flip your puzzle over and repeat the process on the back.

Puzzle Warehouse offers several brands of puzzle glue for under $5. Made by the puzzle makers you trust, you can count on the quality of each brand.

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