Teach and Play with Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

src=https://d3373c9sxdao7y.cloudfront.net/content/image/africa_spill_img.jpgJigsaw puzzles are not just a hobby for adults, they make wonderful play toys and teaching tools for kids as well. With various sizes, shapes and subject matters, kids jigsaw puzzles appeal to many ages.

Beginning with the youngest babies, puzzles with larger pieces are a great way to exercise hand grip and manual dexterity. As they get a little older, the same puzzles will also help develop recognition of shape, color and object recognition.

Toddlers will appreciate using puzzles to learn numbers, animals and various words. Preschool age children love jigsaw puzzles that come in different shapes, such as large circle puzzles or even 3-D styles. Many puzzles targeted towards this age group are designed with their favorite cartoon characters as well.

School-age children also benefit from the wide variety of kids jigsaw puzzles available. Not only do they teach critical thinking and problem solving, the subject matter and content vary widely and can include maps of countries or the world, historical or art figures, geology, ecosystems, outer space and many more.

While jigsaw puzzles are often looked upon as fun toys for children, especially with the colorful pieces and fun subjects, don’t forget to consider them for an educational learning tool as well.

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