Metal Brain Teasers

Hanayama Nutcase Brain Teaser

Hanayama Nutcase

Unit Price: $11.99
The "nuts and bolts" appearance of the Hanayama Level 6 Cast Puzzle - Nutcase may lull you into believing this to be a straightforward puzzle, but it is a total brain drain. Inventor Oskar v ... Read More »
Cast Bike Brain Teaser

Cast Bike

Sale Price: $10.79
This puzzle, created and patented by a certain John R. Lynn, garnered a lot of attention in America back in 1898. Using gates similar to those used in the Cast Puzzle, A.B.C, this one has the same kin ... Read More »
Hanayama Elk Brain Teaser

Hanayama Elk

Unit Price: $11.99
With the Hanayama Level 6 Cast Puzzle - Elk, the antlers are the key to unlocking the mystery of this 19th century British conundrum. It was discovered in Britain by Nob Yoshigahara, who brought it ac ... Read More »
Hanayama Quartet Brain Teaser

Hanayama Quartet

Unit Price: $11.99
With the Hanayama Level 6 Cast Puzzle - Quartet, true bonds are hard to form, yet they are eternal. Inventor Mine Uyematsu has designed a cast puzzle whose bond is truly difficult to unravel. Consider ... Read More »
Cast Loop Brain Teaser

Cast Loop

Unit Price: $11.99
Created by the young Finnish puzzle designer Vesa Timonen. Vesa Timonen has come up with an endearing cast puzzle based on an original puzzle ring he created for his girlfriend. One of the appeals of ... Read More »
Hanayama Equa Brain Teaser

Hanayama Equa

Unit Price: $11.99
Hanayama Level 5 Cast Puzzle - Equa. This sphere - shaped puzzle represents a planet and its surrounding ring. Positioned snugly inside the ring, the planet looks as if it cannot be removed. It may ap ... Read More »
Hanayama Labyrinth Brain Teaser

Hanayama Labyrinth

Unit Price: $11.99
Hanayama Level 5 Cast Puzzle - Labyrinth. At the end of the 19th century, Britain experienced a huge puzzle craze. A century later, during his travels to that country, Hanayama puzzle expert Nob Yoshi ... Read More »
Hanayama Marble Brain Teaser

Hanayama Marble

Unit Price: $11.99
This level 4 puzzle has such a beautiful shape that it could easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry. Its surface features extremely unusual cuts; actually, this marble is a puzzle that can be broke ... Read More »
Hanayama Ring Brain Teaser

Hanayama Ring

Unit Price: $11.99
This Hanayama Level 4 Cast Puzzle - Ring, introduced to us by Nob Yoshigahara, is based on an original design called the "Puzzle Ring. Popular in 15th century Europe, it was actually used as an o ... Read More »
Hanayama Vortex Brain Teaser

Hanayama Vortex

Unit Price: $11.99
Hanayama Level 5 Cast Puzzle - Vortex. The three pieces of this challenging puzzle each have a spiral body. When assembled, the pieces form a unified flat object. In order to undo this complex entangl ... Read More »
Cast Horse Brain Teaser

Cast Horse

Unit Price: $11.99
Back in America's Wild West days, cowboys used any means available to prevent their horses from being stolen. According to legend, one resourceful cowboy had the idea of rigging horseshoes to work ... Read More »
Cast Key Brain Teaser

Cast Key

Sale Price: $10.79
Two keys appear to be permanently linked and, no matter how you look at it, there is seemingly no solution to unlocking them. However, as a highly popular puzzle since its creation during the 19th cen ... Read More »
Hanayama Chain Brain Teaser

Hanayama Chain

Unit Price: $11.99
Take the 3 parts apart and put them back together, that is the objective of this beautiful level 5 metal puzzle. A word from the designer: "There's a whole world of wisdom wrapped up in th ... Read More »
Hanayama Coaster Brain Teaser

Hanayama Coaster

Unit Price: $11.99
Created by Serhiy Grabarchuk, a famous Ukrainian puzzler designer who lives in Uzhgorod, the original drawing of this Hanayama Level 4 Cast Puzzle - Coaster looked like a strange adornment weaved into ... Read More »
Cast Disk Brain Teaser

Cast Disk

Unit Price: $11.99
The World Puzzle Designers' Forum, held in August 2000 in Los Angeles was where I first met my close friend Oskar. This puzzle is based on a disc based puzzle that he showed me at that time. Battl ... Read More »