Plush Toys

Teddy Bear with I Heart Puzzles T-shirt Novelty

Teddy Bear with I Heart Puzzles T-shirt

Unit Price: $14.99
This lovable little guy shares your love of puzzles, too! Baby Ferguson Teddy is as cheerful as stuffed animals twice his size, but perfectly small enough to be carried along on errands or c ... Read More »
23rd Psalm Lamb Plush Toy

23rd Psalm Lamb

Unit Price: $19.99
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, begins this silky-soft lamb when his hands are pressed together in prayer. Friends can also make a prayer circle (each holding one side) to begin the 42-seco ... Read More »
Baby Roscoe Bear - Vanilla Plush Toy

Baby Roscoe Bear - Vanilla

Unit Price: $7.99
Looking for a big-hearted stuffed animal friend in a lovable little package? Baby Roscoe Bear is here! Roscoe is covered in ultra-snuggly cream-colored plush, and has a small, huggable body that kids ... Read More »
Blizzard Bear Plush Toy

Blizzard Bear

Unit Price: $14.99
Let the winds howl while you stay snug and cozy with Blizzard Bear! This bear stands out with its distinctively textured fur and soft velvety accents. From its ears to its toes, Blizzard is fourteen i ... Read More »
Blossom Bunny Plush Toy

Blossom Bunny

Unit Price: $14.99
Lop-eared and cuddly soft, Blossom Bunny is the gentlest of rabbits. With a sweet expression and pastel-colored bow, this adorable plush toy may win a place of honor in your basket! Made in China. Rel ... Read More »
Brenna Bunny Plush Toy

Brenna Bunny

Unit Price: $14.99
Brenna Bunny's floppy rabbit body lists endearingly, while her wired ears stay strong in any position you choose. Embroidered features, a fluffy tail and a pretty polka-dot bow will make this stuf ... Read More »
Cotton Candy - Blue Plush Toy

Cotton Candy - Blue

Unit Price: $29.99
Fluffy Cotton Candy Teddy Bear is as sweet as spun sugar! Silky blue fur, ultra-soft fill, embroidered details, an extra-large body and a silky bow make him one special stuffed animal. Like all Meliss ... Read More »
Fluffy Bichon Frise Plush Toy

Fluffy Bichon Frise

Unit Price: $14.99
Always looking freshly groomed, Fluffy has a slightly weighted bottom and paws to maintain its sitting pretty posture. An alert expression and extra-huggable body make Fluffy a friend at first sight. ... Read More »
MLB Angry Birds - Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Plush Toy

MLB Angry Birds - Cardinals

Starting From $11.99
Angry Birds and your favorite team - St. Louis Cardinals, what could be better! 5.5 inches tall, So soft and cuddly, Child safety tested
MLB Pillow Pet - Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Plush Toy

MLB Pillow Pet - Cardinals

Unit Price: $15.99
This cozy plush pet doubles as a pillow and shows off your favorite team - the St. Louis Cardinals at the same time! Just un-Velcro its belly and the pet becomes a 20 inch pillow. Made from chenille w ... Read More »
MLB Reverse-A-Pal - Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Plush Toy

MLB Reverse-A-Pal - Cardinals

Unit Price: $15.99
St. Louis Cardinals Reverse-A-Pal is a plush football flip out that can be reversed in seconds into your favorite team's mascot - the Cardinals. 11 inches in size, hidden zipper, child safety tested.
Meadow Medley Kitty Plush Toy

Meadow Medley Kitty

Unit Price: $12.99
From the tip of its pink nose to the tip of its tail, this is one kitty that will never stray! This well-behaved sitting-pretty eight inch kitty will meow if you squeeze its belly. Made in Hong Kong. ... Read More »
Missy Long Sox Dolls - Nina Brunette Toy

Missy Long Sox Dolls - Nina Brunette

Unit Price: $12.99
Learn different sewing techniques while creating a fashionable doll. Includes easy-to-follow instructions, pre-cut materials and a kid-safe needle.
My Best Friend Dolls - Blonde Toy

My Best Friend Dolls - Blonde

Unit Price: $12.99
Create beautiful dolls with My Best Friends Doll set. This blonde doll includes easy to follow instructions, pre-cut holes and materials for easy sewing, kid-safe needle and a birth certificate. 
NCAA Angry Birds - Missouri Missouri Tigers Plush Toy

NCAA Angry Birds - Missouri

Starting From $11.99
Angry Birds and your favorite team - University of Missouri Tigers - what could be better! 5.5 inches tall, So soft and cuddly, Child safety tested