Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re tired of the old jigsaw puzzles, or if you just don’t find the concept stimulating enough anymre, then you will definitely enjoy the Wasgij jigsaw puzzles that Puzzle Warehouse has to offer. These are pretty much the opposite of regular jigsaw puzzles and, instead of feeding you with the key to solving the puzzle, they only give you clues, letting you discover everything all by yourself.

A regular jigsaw puzzle has a picture on its box. So do the Wasgij. But, for a regular jigsaw puzzle, the picture on the box is the same as the picture that you will discover after assembling the hundreds of pieces that lay inside the box. It will serve as a model during the assembling, making your work a lot easier. With Wassgi jigsaw puzzlesj, as you might have already figured it out by yourself, this is not the case.

The picture on the box is not the puzzle picture. It only serves as a clue that will help you figure out what the real picture is, solve the mystery and put the pieces together. The original idea was more than appealing: the picture on the box showed the reaction of the “onlookers” to the events pictured in the real puzzle image. Now, you can find some variations in the Wasgij collection. There are the Destiny Wasgij puzzles, in which the image on the box shows a scene similar to the one in the puzzle image, only in the past, and the the Mystery Wasgij, jigsaw puzzles that are rather … mysterious.

With 1000 pieces each, the Wasgij will keep your mind sharp and help improve your reasoning and deductive capacity, while allowing you to relax and enjoy a peaceful activity.

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