Wooden Puzzles

Kazoo Toy


Out of Africa Zebras Tray Puzzle
35 Pieces

Out of Africa

Recorder Toy


Mini Puzzle - Animals Other Animals Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
4 Pieces

Mini Puzzle - Animals

Tow Truck Cars Magnetic
10 Pieces

Tow Truck

Mini Puzzle - Vehicles Vehicles Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
4 Pieces

Mini Puzzle - Vehicles

First Shapes Jumbo Knob Educational Peg Puzzle
5 Pieces

First Shapes Jumbo Knob

House Pets Jumbo Knob Other Animals Peg Puzzle
3 Pieces

House Pets Jumbo Knob

Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob Marine Life Peg Puzzle
3 Pieces

Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob

Frolicking Horses Jigsaw Lions Tray Puzzle
48 Pieces

Frolicking Horses Jigsaw


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