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15 Best Autumn Themed Puzzles

Autumn is back and it’s the best time of the year for puzzles! The days are shorter, colder, and prettier, and it’s the perfect setting for curling up by the window and putting together your fall-themed puzzles with your families. Things feel timeless in the fall, and here are some puzzles that will help evoke the nostalgic feelings that come with this time of year, featuring those bright leaves you love, pumpkins and even Halloween scenes.

Autumn Market - Cobble Hill 

Blue Jay and Friends - Cobble Hill 

Pumpkin Patch - Buffalo Games by Artists Persis Clayton Weirs & Lesley Harrison

Little Farmers Market - Sunsout by artist David Rottinghaus 

A Bridge To Unity - Sunsout by artist Dave Barnhouse

Halloween Buddies - Cobble Hill 

General Store - Cobble Hill by artist Douglas Laird

Friends In Autumn - White Mountain by artist Fred Swan

Pumpkins For Sale - White Mountain by artist Robert Duncan

 Covered bridge Crossing - Lafayette Puzzle Factory 

Autumn at the Capital - Serendipity by artist Leo Stans

Road To the Future - Serendipity by artist Charles White

Autumn Splendor - Sunsout by artist Jim Rownd 

  Life In Calico Country - Ceaco by artist Eileen Eilers

 A Sign of the Times - Ceaco by artist Jane Wooster Scott

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