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Christmas Village Christmas Large Piece
116 Large Pieces

Christmas Village

3D Christmas Puzzle-Ball Set Christmas 3D Puzzle
Pieces Vary

3D Christmas Puzzle-Ball Set

Christmas Puzzling Fun! The Easyclick Technology makes assembling the four different puzzles, each with 27 plastic puzzle pieces, into sturdy spheres incredibly easy - without any gluing. After Christ ... Read More »
Hogwarts Great Hall Harry Potter 3D Puzzle
850 Pieces

Hogwarts Great Hall

Become a real wizard by rebuilding your very own School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Hogwarts - Great Hall, an 850 pieces 3D puzzle from Wrebbit3D™, is part of a unique and exclusive Harry Potter ... Read More »

Neuschwanstein Castle Landmarks / Monuments 3D Puzzle
890 Pieces

Neuschwanstein Castle

Wrebbit is by far the most well known 3D Jigsaw Puzzle maker around, and now with their newly redesigned classics, these puzzles are sure to be a hit!Neuschwanstein Castle is 890 pieces and measures 2 ... Read More »
Sydney Opera House Australia 3D Puzzle
925 Pieces

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is a 925 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle that measures 22.24" x 17.22" x 8.75" when complete. Renowned place of performing arts in Australia, the Sydney Opera House will charm ... Read More »
Hogwarts Astronomy Tower Harry Potter 3D Puzzle
875 Pieces

Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

Expand your journey into the magical world of Harry Potter with Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower, an 875-piece 3D puzzle from Wrebbit3D. Part of a unique and exclusive Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection, this ... Read More »
Despicable Me 3 Movies / Books / TV Children's Puzzles
54 Pieces

Despicable Me 3

Dog Dogs Crystal Puzzle
40 Pieces


3D Crystal Puzzles from University Games feature uniquely-shaped, interlocking, see-through crystalline pieces that give puzzling a whole new dimension. Puzzles have 39 pieces and creates a small hand ... Read More »
Fire Station (Urbania) Street Scene 3D Puzzle
285 Pieces

Fire Station (Urbania)

Build, Create and Collect with URBANIA 3D puzzles! Design the main street of your own town with this collection of urban shops and emblematic buildings.Make your city safer with the protective presenc ... Read More »
Mississippi Steamboat Boats 3D Puzzle
142 Pieces

Mississippi Steamboat

New York Cities 4D Puzzle
900+ Pieces

New York

This puzzle recreates Manhattan's world famous skyline, not only in three dimensions using scale-model buildings, but also along the fourth dimension of time, spanning over 200 years of architectu ... Read More »
Sneaker: Graffiti Everyday Objects 3D Puzzle
108 Pieces

Sneaker: Graffiti

Puzzles are not limited to 2D, rebel against traditional puzzling and step into storage with this 3D sneaker puzzle from Ravensburger! Follow the numbered pieces or challenge yourself and follow the i ... Read More »
Washington DC Cities 4D Puzzle
1100+ Pieces

Washington DC

This puzzle recreates Washington D.C.'s historic skyline, not only in three dimensions using scale-model buildings, but also along the fourth dimension of time, spanning over 215 years of architec ... Read More »
Cinderella Princess Crystal Puzzle
41 Pieces


Original 3D Crystal Puzzles Disney feature uniquely-shaped, interlocking, translucent crystalline pieces that give puzzling a whole new dimension.
Financial - New York City Cities 3D Puzzle
900+ Pieces

Financial - New York City

Reach for the sky by assembling the tallest and most famous skycrapers of the Financial disctrict of New York City. This 925 pieces 3D puzzle includes Trump Building (1930), Battery Park and the iconi ... Read More »
Lighthouse - Night Edition Lighthouses 3D Puzzle
216 Pieces

Lighthouse - Night Edition

Lighthouse Night Edition is a 216 piece puzzle from Ravensburger featuring carefully-constructed curved and hinged plastic interlocking pieces. Featuring EasyClick Technology, puzzle pi ... Read More »
Singing Birds Nature 3D Puzzle
160 Pieces

Singing Birds

Singing Birds is a 160 piece 3D Puzzle Vase with unique curved puzzle pieces that create an elegant vase and a removable water cup that allows the completed puzzle to function as a real flower vase. T ... Read More »
Sneaker American Style Flags 3D Puzzle
108 Pieces

Sneaker American Style

8.5" x 3" x 5"