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Holiday Gift Guide: 500 piece Christmas Puzzles

'Tis the season, everybody! Today check out our great 500 piece Christmas puzzles for the intermediate puzzler. Tomorrow be sure to return for our post on 1000 piece Christmas puzzles, and Monday you'll see us feature some of our special and unique Christmas puzzles. 


Homage by SunsOut. 18 x 24. 5 Star Review for "Homage": "This puzzle 'Homage' is one of the nicest ones I have ever done. So beautiful when finished, I will frame it for sure." 

 Spirit of Christmas by SunsOut. 18 x 24. 5 star review for "Spirit of Christmas": "Genuinely captures 'The Reason for the Season'... St. Nicholas holding, pausing, reflecting, reckoning Christ in CHRISTmas. A puzzle I display year round. So detailed. Brilliantly colored. Awe-meditative facial expression. A must have puzzle."


Christmas Eve by Springbok. 18 x 23.5. 5 star review for "Christmas Eve": "Challenging but fun to work."


Santa's Cats and Dogs by Cobble Hill. 18 x 24.


Special Delivery by Springbok. 18 x 23.5

 Santa Asking for Directions by SunsOut. 18 x 24.


Rockefeller Center by Briarpatch.


Motorcycle Santa by SunsOut. 18 x 24.


Snowman Patches by SunsOut. 18 x 24. Remember, you have until Tuesday December 17 to ensure Christmas Eve delivery! Still need some last minute stocking stuffers? Check out these fun gifts! 


Coca-Cola - 3D Can by Springbok. 40 pieces. Ages 6+. Our famous 3D puzzle slowly comes to life before your eyes! These hard plastic pieces present an interesting challenge to even experienced puzzlers because there is more that one surface to work on. A great take on an old classic.


Hanayama Amour Brainteaser by University Games. Ages 8+. Puzzle expert Akio Yamamoto brought us this Hanayama Level 5 Cast Puzzle - Amour masterpiece by joining two separate yet linked loops to create this challenge. Remove "Adam" and "Eve" from the metal plate, which has been crafted in the shape of an apple as the "Forbidden Fruit. It really is that easy. Then bring the lovebirds back together to complete the puzzle.

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