Nice package containing 4 cubes with 4 different colors on the 6 sides. The object is to arrange them in the holder such that there are 4 different colors along the length. Its a puzzle patented in Detroit in 1900. A statistical analysis of this puzzle shows that if you force 1 side of the puzzle to be correct, you have 1 chance in 14000 of the other 3 sides being correct! A great statistical analysis of this puzzle is now available with purchase. You math folks will love this work done by Puzzle Master Mike Czerwinski of Menomonee Falls, WI.

Dimensions: 4.75" x 1.7" x 1.1"
Difficulty level: 4 (out of 6)

Crazy Four (Large)

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Age 10+
Manufacturer Creative Crafthouse
Brainteaser Type Wooden
Item Number 46957
Store Location(s) FA5B2


5.0 Stars  

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5 Stars Susanna - Stafford, TX
Fun and challenging! I was worried about getting this size instead of the jumbo but it's plenty big enough for me (adult). the blocks are about 1 inch square and the colored dots are generous and very easy to see - just a little under 3/4 inch diameter. nice wood holder - the top is open and the other 3 sides have circles cut out to see the colors. I took the blocks out to work with for more space but if you have fingernails you can get them out pretty easily. already driving me nuts!