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Custom Wooden Puzzles

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Our friends at Peaceful Wooden Puzzles can create high quality custom wood puzzles made with your pictures! They uses quarter inch maple plywood and high-quality laminate material with UV protection as well as maple veneer, so your puzzle will stand up to decades of wear and tear. A true heirloom puzzle to passed on through generations!

You will need to email your high resolution photo (at least 1800 x 2400 pixels for smaller puzzles and 3200 x 4800 pixels for larger puzzles) for size approval before we can create your puzzle. Please email your photo to custom@puzzlewarehouse.com AFTER you have placed your order for one of the puzzles below, including the order number in the email. Please note, custom puzzles are not returnable.

Victorian Cut Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

10" x 12"
260 Unique Pieces (including several whimsies)
13" x 19"
442 Unique Pieces (including several whimsies)
16" x 22"
854 Unique Pieces (including several whimsies)

PLEASE NOTE: Puzzles generally take up to 2 weeks to manufacture once your image is received and approved.  Please keep this in mind as we approach the holiday season. Ordering after 12/1 may result in your package not being delivered in time for the holidays.

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