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Melissa & Doug Special Needs Toy Guide Page 12

Latches Board

This sturdy wooden board provides endless educational entertainment! As children are busily operating a variety of mechanisms -  such as locks,latches,hooks, and clasps - fine motor skills are put to the test. Then as each door opens, they are rewarded with a variety of colors, numbers, shapes , animals and more! Also great as a memory game: Ask kids to look while the doors are open, then recall what is in each position when the doors are closed. 

Basic Skills Board

Practice the important skills of zipping, buckling, snapping, tying, and more all in one puzzle. Young children will be delighted to see improvement in these everyday life skills, and with enjoy practicing them with this smiling bear. As an added feature, each piece is removable, allowing children to isolate one skill at a time. After mastering each, return it to the wooden puzzle board until the puzzle is complete. 

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