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Upper Nile River Diorama Africa Panoramic Puzzle By Pomegranate
1000 Pieces
Big Bungalow Suite I Flowers Panoramic Puzzle By Pomegranate
1000 Pieces
An Anciente Mappe of Fairyland Father's Day Panoramic Puzzle By Pomegranate
1000 Pieces

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Pomegranate jigsaw puzzles are among the world’s leading manufacturers of award-winning books and products with a focus on fine art and illustration. Collaborating and working closely with individual artists, museums, galleries, and libraries across the world to give you the best jigsaw puzzle image you can receive. Since 1968, they have been creating numerous lines of unique items, including jigsaw puzzles, games for children, and more!

Based out of Portland, Oregon the family-owned company value themselves on quality, excellent customer service, and innovative ideas to bring to each of their products. Pomegranate jigsaw puzzles continually introduce new designs, with the mission to inspire everyone through artistic creativity. Each Pomegranate puzzle comes packaged in a sturdy, attractive box with the image printed largely on top making it a reliable reference for completing your jigsaw puzzle.

Pomegranate jigsaw puzzles are just one of the puzzle brands that Puzzle Warehouse supplies. Dividing our jigsaw puzzle, you can now browse by what interests you making it an easier process to add to your collection from theme and piece count to jigsaw puzzle type and puzzle theme.

Each Pomegranate jigsaw puzzle is full-color reproduction retaining the sharpness, clarity, and original beauty of the original painting or design making each jigsaw an excellent choice for framing and hanging on display in your home.

Shop Pomegranate puzzles and Puzzle Warehouse’s largest jigsaw selection, giving you the best experience creating memories that will last a generation.

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