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The Labyrinth (IQ Busters: Ball Traps)

Test your puzzle solving skills and tease your brain to the max with this ingenious 'IQ BUSTERS' Puzzle!  Challenging your dexterity, your powers of reasoning and your spatial logic...it provides an instant mental workout!

Difficulty: 3/4
Recommended Age: 8+

Are you feeling trapped - or is that just your ball?  We have the video solution for you to take apart this Ball Traps Orange puzzle and how to trap the ball back inside.  It took a few clips to get this put together, so forgive the fact that it's not a slick video, but these things are hard to solve!  All IQ Buster puzzles are imported from the UK without video or paper solutions, so we have to find some person who loves self torture to actually figure these things out - just like you.  We hope this video solution helps

The Labyrinth (IQ Busters: Ball Traps)

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About Outset Media The Labyrinth (IQ Busters: Ball Traps)

Mfg. Part Number CHT-02187L
UPC Number 625012021876-2
Release Year 2016
Brainteaser Type Wooden
Level of Difficulty 3/4
Recommended Age 8 and up
Item Number 100966
Availability Online Only

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