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Best of Paris Puzzles

Travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the world--without even leaving the comfort of your home! Paris makes for one of the prettiest subjects of puzzles, whether it's a photograph or a painting. Put together the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame in the best of the France-themed travel puzzles that we are Puzzle Warehouse offer. 


The Louvre by SunsOut. 1500 pieces. 24 by 33 inches.


Notre Dame by SunsOut. 2000 pieces. 26.75 by 39 inches.


Paris in the Fall by Cobble Hill. 500 pieces. 24 by 18 inches.


Moulin Rouge by SunsOut. 19 by 30 inches.


Bal du Moulin Rouge by Clementoni. 1000 pieces. 27.2" x 19.75".


Paris - Je Tadore by Clementoni. 500 pieces. 19.33" x 14.2".


Soiree a Paris by Clementoni. 1000 pieces. 38.6" x 13".


TWA Travel Posters by New York Puzzle Co. 1000 pieces.

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