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Bigger Than Life

Jigsaw puzzles are always challenging. And even if some are more challenging than others, assembling a jigsaw puzzle has never been an easy task. For those who like big challenges and don’t easily give up, puzzle makers are constantly trying to make it harder, by creating larger and more difficult puzzles. A couple of months ago, the biggest jigsaw puzzle you could find on the market was Life, the Greatest Puzzle, a 24,000-piece marvel. Educa, the Spanish manufacturer behind this huge puzzle, asked Royce B. McClure to design it. The artist combined images from some of his previous paintings in order to make the puzzle challenging and attractive, and the result took thousands of hours of work. Once you complete it, you can use it to decorate any wall in the house due to its amazing 428 x 157 cm breadth. Today, Life doesn’t look so big anymore. And that’s because Ravensburger created something bigger than Life: a 32,256 pieces jigsaw puzzle, part of the special series called Keith Harring. The Double Retrospect weighs 57,056 pounds and measures an impressive 544 x 192 cm. Since September 2010, it is the official record holder. But if you look at the image, you have to appreciate Life more than Double Retrospect. The details on the image look great even on the full scale jigsaw puzzle, not only on the box, and the assembling is a lot more challenging due to the richness of the image and the intricacy of the details. While Double Retrospect looks good enough and is the new biggest jigsaw puzzle, it is an assembly of 32 smaller images, like a filmstrip, rather than one large continuous image.

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