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Six New Puzzles from Gibsons

Gibsons Puzzles (a UK brand) released six new jigsaw puzzles in April 2014.

Above:  “Knobbly Knees” by artist Jim Mitchell, 500 pieces

Above:  “Portishead Then And Now” by artist Bryan Evans, 636 pieces

Above: “Life in the Slow Lane” by artist Czes Pachela, 1000 pieces

Above:  “Summer Saturday On Snow Hill” by artist Philip D Hawkins, 1000 pieces

Above: “Salcombe Harbour” by Terry Harrison, 1000 pieces

Above: “An Apple A Day” by Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces

So what do you think?  My personal favorite is the new Steve Crisp. I love his level of detail and finely finished paintings.

You can learn more about these puzzles in Gibson Puzzle’s New Section.

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