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New JVH Puzzles for Fall 2015!

As usual, the wonderful website jvh-puzzles.nl has the new Jan Van Haasteren puzzle announcements first. Look at what’s coming!

Chaos in the Field and Fun In The Park — 150 pieces each

First, there are 2 new 150 piece puzzles. These are too small for me, but “Chaos in the Field” looks like an image that might later become at least 500 pieces.



Lawn Mower Race — 1000 or 2000 pieces

This is a brand new image from Jan himself. It will come in two sizes. Definitely a must have! A love the farm elements.

“Santa’s Factory and New Years Party” – 2 x 1000 set

And finally my favorite of the new puzzles. This set includes a reissue of an older image “New Year Party”, which I’ve wanted but been unable to find, plus a brand new image “Santa’s Factory”, which is a fantastic new Christmas JVH image. Wonderful!  Look at all those identically-costumed little elves. The set also comes with a mini coloring book. (click on the image below for a closer view)

These puzzles are all coming in September.


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