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New Heye Puzzles for 2016!

I just happened to run across photos of the 2016 Heye puzzles on Facebook. Are 2016 puzzles here already! I’m not going to complain. There are some nice new puzzles. According to Facebook these will be available from the end of November, presumably in Germany first.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEIR 2016 PUZZLE CATALOGUE PDF HERE. There are a ton of puzzles not featured here, especially maps, photgraphic scenery, and abstract colorful puzzles.


Calligaro “Mystic Circle”, 1000 piece

I *love* anything Halloween or horror themed, so this is my favorite puzzle of the new bunch. Looks amazing!

Prades, “Carnival de Rio”, 1500 pieces

A large new Prades! Yay!

Degano, Zoo, “Jurassic Habitat”, 1000 pieces.

Goes with the previous zoo puzzles published. Nice!

Tanck, “Seaport”, 1000 pieces

Schone, “Train Station”, 2000 pieces

Crisp, “Ginger and Fred”, 1000 pieces

Berman “Happytown”, 1500 pieces

Gobel & Knorr: “Sherlock & Co”, 2000 pieces

This one looks quite interesting since I’m a fan of BBC Sherlock.


These puzzles are reissues of older, out-of-print releases.

Loup, “Crazy Circus”, 1000 pieces

Loup, “Ballooning”, 1000 pieces

Blachon, “Sports Fan”, 1000 pieces (I think this is a reissue, but not 100% sure)


There are some beautiful new fantasy puzzles too!

Delon, “Three Rings”, 1000 pieces


Delon, “Behind The Mask”, 1000 pieces

Ortega, “White Dream”, 1000 pieces

Ortega, “Eagle Queen”, 2000 pieces

Inside Neuschwanstein — Parzival, 1000 pieces

There are 2 new puzzles from panel art in Neuschwanstein Castle. Cool!

Neuschwanstein — St George, 1000 pieces

City of Pop, 3000 pieces

There are also some lovely photographic landscape and cats puzzles, if you care for those. You can see all the rest of the new puzzles here.


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